Independent Games

[2009] Last Life

         My role: Skybox creation, hi-poly assets and game cinematics/animation.

Game Achievements: Last Life won Best Gameplay Award at GDAA Independent Game Awards at GCAP 2009.

Design & Programming by Max Vasey
Art Design & Game Assets by Katie Grech
Cinematics & Skybox by Ellena Linden
Original Music Score by Trav Jenkins

More about the game: Last Life

[2009] Blakely Van De Buckle’s Brass Cabaret (BBBC)

         My role: Creative Artist, Character Design/Model/Rig/Animation, Asset and Character texturing, Cinematics and Cinematics Lighting.

Game Achievements: BBBC was shortlisted for the GDAA Independent Game Awards at GCAP 2009.

More about our team: Powderkeg Entertainment
More about the game: Blakely Van de Buckle’s Brass Cabaret